Debtor and Creditor Services


Attorneys at Leonov & Associates represent both debtors and creditors and understand underlying facts and strategies for each enabling the most efficient representation with effective results.   From enforcing foreign arbitration awards to handling cases for debtors defending them against Bankruptcy Trustees, Leonov & Associates has the tools and resources to handle all aspects of debtor and creditor issues.

Assistance to Debtors

  • Foreclosure defense and mortgage modifications
  • Disputes with credit bureaus
  • Debt settlement/negotiation
  • Chapter 7 (liquidation), 13 , 11 (reorganization), 15 (foreign bankruptcy proceedings)
  • Defense of adversary actions by Trustee and Creditors

Notable events:

  • Successfully conducted hearings to defend Trustee’s action to avoid discharge.
  • Prevailed on a withdrawal of reference from the Bankruptcy Court in order to allow full relief to the Debtor.
  • Obtained discharge in multi-district bankruptcy involving several corporate entities.

Assistance to Creditors

  • Negotiation of settlements
  • Contracts to ensure payment
  • Adversary actions against Debtors for non-dischargeability

Notable events:

  • Obtained judgment of non-dischargeability for foreign entity.
  • Obtained reversal of transfers of assets by subsidiaries of entities filing for Bankruptcy protection/
  • Avoided discharge of debt due to fraudulent conveyances.